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Technical Requirements

GLCyberBooth Set Up

Even though this product is technical, you do not need to have an IT background to use this product. The GL team will offer all the support necessary to install GLCyberBooth. However, it is recommended to have a person with technical knowledge and network background for the initial installation and connection of GLCyberBooth in order to communicate with our engineers and make the installation process more efficient.

GLCyberBooth is specifically designed as a low cost start-up solution and only requires a GLCyberBooth adaptor (Dual FXS), a regular phone, and an Internet connection.

GLCyberBooth uses a VoIP adaptor, utilizing widely-deployed SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology, and works as a bridge between an IP network and an analog device (phone).

Our platform is fully PCI compliant and our engineers implemented numerous checks and balances that were designed to prevent any fraudulent activities. Installing GLCyberBooth’s adaptor is as easy as installing a regular internet router. The adaptor is connected to a high speed internet connection on one end and to a regular analog phone unit on the other end.

GLCyberBooth network is capable of carrying 40,000 simultaneous users and is easily scalable to hundreds of thousands.

Required Components 

1.Internet connection 3.GLCyberBooth calling cards
2.GLCyberBooth adaptor   4.Regular (analog) phone  

Multi-Language Voice Response

GLCyberBooth supports multi-language Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The automated response can be tailored to any language.