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How it works

General Information

You often see people going to Internet cafés all around the world to make long-distance telephone calls. In these places, anyone wishing to make a long-distance call needs to pay the shop a certain amount of money to be able to use one of the assigned telephone booths. At the end of the call, clients can get money back if they didn’t use all the minutes they paid for.

GLCyberBooth allows the agents to provide long-distance telephony services by selling GLCyberBooth prepaid long-distance cards to their customers, thus making the process much simpler and much more efficient.

Once the customer buys the card they can then proceed to use any available GLCyberBooth phone in the premises.


   Customer Experience

1. Picks up GLCyberBooth phone
2. Receives a prompt asking to enters PIN number written on the back of the card
3. Receives a prompt indicating the number of units available on that card and asks to enter destination #
4. Dials destination number
5. Receives a prompt as to how many minutes are available for the dialed destination #
6. Call will be connected shortly

If all the minutes are not used in that call, the rest will be available for the customer’s next call. The card expires a 180 days from first use or when the customer uses all the units on it. This process is also profitable for the shop owner because it creates traffic for the business by having the customer returning to the shop to use the remaining minutes.

GLCyberBooth can be set up in many different types of crowded venues such as coffee shops, cyber cafes, restaurants, malls, hotel lobbies, or any place where the GLCyberBooth can be installed.
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