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About GLCyberBooth

Product Presentation

GLCyberBooth is a new opportunity to become a GL Agent. This allows you to easily enter the profitable world of telecommunications with little starting capital and minimal risk. The GLCyberBooth, provided by Group of Gold Line (GL), allows for the utilization of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for easy and cost-efficient long-distance telephony services in various locations such as in stores, call shops, or Internet cafés. - Technical training or experience in the field is not necessary. It combines all the benefits of a traditional phone booth service with the affordability and portability of VoIP technology.

Countries with Internet cafés or call shops already have permission from their government to invest in this type of telecommunication business. If your country already has Internet cafés or call shops, you can easily start your business with a small initial investment. With GLCyberBooth, you are able to sell the concept and ask store owners to place the GLCyberBooth in their facility. This then allows you to sell the GLCyberBooth calling cards at a discounted price for their customers. With this model, you can have many facilities around your city using the GLCyberBooth, and you can profit from the sale of GLCyberBooth calling cards.

The GLCyberBooth is a great business model for countries with limited bandwidth or expensive access to the Internet. The GLCyberBooth service also offers a lucrative opportunity in countries with a limited number of telecom providers and heavy telecom regulations. Consumers in these countries usually do not have access to long-distance services at a low cost, but with GLCyberBooth they have the opportunity to make long-distance calls at very competitive rates.

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