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Calling Rates

We are proud to offer our customers international calling services at the highest quality and lowest rates. The GLCyberBooth rates are based in units/min, and rates can be as low as 3 units per minute for international calls.

Please see our table below to view the most updated rates.

Select the country you want to call

Select the country you are calling to
unit per min.
200 units
500 units
1000 units
2000 units
Afghanistan - Cell336153060
Afghanistan - Cell AT336153060
Afghanistan - Cell AWCC296173468
Afghanistan - Cell Etisalat18112755111
Afghanistan - Cell MTN385132652
Afghanistan - Cell Roshan326153162
Afghanistan - Cell Salam336153060
Afghanistan - Rest of63371531

Customer is responsible for the following potential charges:

• Usage is based on one-minute increments: For every one minute of use or less, customer shall be charged for the full minute. • A disconnection may occur due to the quality of certain cellular or telephone networks beyond our control. • Premium rates for certain destinations may apply. For details on rates and dialing instructions please contact customer service. • Minutes advertised are subject to change without notice. • For greater detail please contact customer service. • Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only. • Card expires 180 days after first use. Contact GL for unit conversion rates.