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GL Agent

An opportunity not to be missed!

A comprehensive GL Agent program provides you with the tools you need to stand out to customers and gain a long-term competitive advantage in the industry with a very low investment. Our agents will be backed by a carrier class VoIP network, interoperating with many Tier 1 carries and accessible from over 80 countries worldwide.

GLCyberBooth is a versatile solution which can be deployed in various settings such as malls, shops, resorts, and convenient store franchises.

It is a good opportunity for shop operators and other interested entrepreneurs to benefit from offering very attractive long-distance calling rates via VoIP technology.

GLCyberBooth would also open the door for many other GL Products. Group of Gold Line offers a variety of telecommunication products, such as IP phones for businesses or home (GLSip, GLPhone), travel SIM cards with great competitive rates (GLmobility), and WebTV services (GLWiZ). For more information consult our GLProducts page.

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White-Label Opportunity

The entire concept of GLCyberBooth can be white-labeled and packaged upon our agent’s needs. Also, GLCyberBooth calling cards can be customized and branded to distinctly identify our business partners.

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